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Here at Fulkrum we have taken an old idea and by today’s technology and our innovative engineering staff, we have come up with what we think is one of the most sought after inventions of its kind. We hope you enjoy not only the shear strength, but its simplicity. The trailer hitch of yesterday has now evolved into what we call it here at Fulkrum, a self-coupling hitch. Yes, it’s just that! Self-Coupling! Open Fulkrum’s hinged cuff  and simply back your vehicle into the trailer tongue. The tongue pushes the cuff to the closed position, pivoting the ball into the coupler and CLICK! You’re ready to go! To unhook back your trailer into desired location, set your jack just until it touches the ground, disengage the safety latch, and pull away.

Custom Trailer Hitches
Fulkrum is a multifaceted
business that specializes in design, manufacturing, and the distributing of self-coupling trailer hitches for cars, trucks, and SUV's of every size. These automated hitching systems utilize the latest technology available. Connect your vehicle today to the easiest and most convenient manner possible.

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Tennessee Based "Made in the USA" Facility
Our company is backed by 30+ years of experience in the design and manufacturing industry. We have developed the most innovative self-coupling hitch of its kind. Best of all, we are the only patented self-coupling hitch manufacturer in the market today! Call or go to our shopping page to select the proper hitch for your application today.

Award-Winning Hitch Systems
Our self-coupling hitches have been featured on "Southern Woods and Waters" on Local TV Channel 5 Plus. Additionally, our innovative hitching systems won the coveted "Most Innovative New Stable Product" award at the Pavilion Show in 2001.